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Enfosmith Co., Ltd.
32 Pattanakan 56
Bangkok, Thailand 10250
Tel.+66 2 7227180

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Enfosmith Co., Ltd. is a registered Thai company operating from Bangkok, Thailand with multiple internet backbone connected servers residing in secured ISP data center providing cloud-based mobile services to our global users.

Enfosmith Co., Ltd. has been highly focused on smartphone oriented mobile services since early 2000, and is continuing to roll out additional services based on our proprietary interactive mobile service engine & technology platform.

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1. Desktop platforms: Chrome, Firefox*, IE, Safari
2. Mobile platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad
* Browser MUST have mp3 audio support

CHICS:  Cross Highlighting In-between Content Synchronized


  1. Touch a phrase for parallel highlighting (dual language)

  2. Touch to hear a phrase or whole paragraph

  3. Click to see phrase dictionary entry

  4. Manage personal phrase collection

  5. Create personal AudoPlay™ Phrasecards for hands-free automatic playback

  6. Public CHICS content for free general access

  7. Private CHICS content for member access only

  8. Free User Account Sign-up

  9. Free affiliate service trial for qualified group, class, school and organization (E-mail us for qualification & details)